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January 26, 2010


I remember when she first discovered her right hand. She'd just started grabbing at objects and I noticed she was only using her left and kept her right arm by her side. I lifted it to the book we were playing with and she just stared at her right hand, like, "What?! I can use this one too?! Awesome."

As we played with her on Saturday, Deran and I discussed how amazing it's been to see her learn and discover each little thing. Several months have passed since she first found that right hand and now she grabs toys, books, and basically whatever is within her reach. Lately she's been really focused on her fingers and the ability to move each one separately and touch them to her thumb.

She held my hand as she ate at 3:00 this morning and I thought it was quite possibly the best moment ever...or at least until she woke up at 7:00. She's a pretty sweet baby, good moments aren't hard to come by. :)


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