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June 13, 2010

thanks uncle d

For taking pictures because I didn't even have my camera! We spent the weekend hanging out with Deran's Dad and family. We had a lot of fun, but boy am I exhausted! I went to bed early for the first time in a long time last night because my eyelids wouldn't stay open. Seriously.


We arrived at Grandpa and DD's house and enjoyed some yummy BBQ, then played in this awesome baby splash pad/pool. That's me in the jeans, and can someone please tell me why at only 28 the veins in my hands and feet are looking so pronounced?!


After the watery fun, Avery got to swing for a bit and then played in a jungle jumper. A quick change into some dry clothes and we were off to set sail in Grandpa's new boat!


Don't let that smile fool you, that was before we really got going. She didn't hate it, but she certainly didn't love it. I think if she didn't have to wear the life jacket she would've enjoyed the ride more. And she was better after D & I switched places, sometimes Daddy just makes things better. I think Deran & I decided that while we both enjoyed the ride, we'll wait awhile before we take Avery again.


Since Grandpa is going to have to miss her actual birthday, she got an early present! We love it and we've already taken several trips around the house, it'll be perfect to check the mail and go for a drive around the block. Thanks so much Grandpa & DD!!

We ended the night with dinner with these guys and Aunt BB. An overall excellent weekend, but I'm sure glad to rest at home today. :)

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