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June 15, 2010

it all started with that one

Deran arrived home earlier in the week than expected so Avery & I had to do some Father's Day decorating today! I picked up several packs of photo cubes months ago when a local bookstore was going out of business. At the time I wasn't sure when/how they would be used. I opened three packs today and put photos of Avery & Deran over the last ten months across the mantle.


That first picture, that day - he became a daddy. I don't even know the nurse who took it, but I'm so glad she caught that moment. You can't disguise the genuine happiness. Eye crinkle wrinkles don't lie! I can't deny that I have many posed pictures of the two of them, but it's those moments - those eye crinkles - that will never leave our girl in doubt of her daddy's love.

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