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March 22, 2010

so that's how they got the horse's head


In the year 2000, I watched The Godfather for the first time and promptly fell in love with organized crime. The first movie remains my favorite, though I must admit I like the love story in part three (cousins, but still!). Deran hates that I like that one at all, his favorite is part two and he feels it should've stopped there.

This is a rare instance where I believe the movie is better than the book. Thank you Mario Puzo, but oh my gosh! Francis Ford Coppola, you are amazing. At least after reading the book I better understood who Vincent is, but meh, it was just okay for me. I had the movies on tape and then we got them on DVD after we were married.

So back to my love of organized crime...One Christmas I received an encyclopedia of organized crime families. Kind of like a who's who in the gangster world. It was interesting for sure. However, I abruptly quit my criminal research after reading this book. For whatever reason, that one made me realize that the stories I was reading and the men I found fascinating were real, emotionless, and basically kind of evil. They had people killed without batting an eye. And while I'm riveted to the screen to see Michael Corleone renouncing Satan and agreeing with the priest during his godchild's baptism, while at the same time having multiple people brutally murdered - I know it's just a movie, but the real life kind of got to me.

Of course, sometimes TV/movies get to me too. That would be why I can't finish watching The Sopranos and stopped at season two of Dexter. When I find myself rooting for the bad guy (and yes, I do believe Dexter is a bad guy too!), I have to step back and re-evaluate what I'm letting in.

So all of that to say, I still love The Godfather. And I did put that onesie on my baby. She wasn't too happy about me taking the horse away.


I'm pretty sure Don Corleone didn't cry over that horse. And just a fun fact, but did you know it was a real horse's head in the movie?!


Though Deran and I both love The Godfather, Avery won't be allowed to watch it for quite some time. It's a little too mature for her. One day she'll understand all the crazy quotes we randomly spout off. And then she'll be like, "Omg, you guys are like so lame!" and I'll be all, "See these pictures? Who's lame now?!" and then she'll be like, "YOU because you put me in that onesie!" and I'll be like, "Whatevs, it's like the greatest movie ever made." But right now? Right now she's probably just wishing I would stop having pretend future conversations with her and give her that wooden horse back.

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