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March 19, 2010

mommy brain


So last night I was trying to explain to my mom about this TV character going to college on a scholarship and this is what transpired...

Me: "What's it called?"
Deran: "A scholarship."
Me: "Right, but what kind? Like you got a band scholarship, and I got a different one, you know, like for people who are good at school."
Deran: Looking at me like he can't believe I was allowed to graduate, "ACADEMIC."
Me: "Riiiiiight!"

Yeah, it's hard to believe I was one of them there people who was good at school. I was a real real good student.

It was definitely one of my finer moments. I'm blaming mommy brain according to Urban Dictionary, because after last night I just don't know if I believe Katherine Ellison. I find myself half-listening to conversations because I'm always thinking of what else needs to be done, and Deran swears my reflexes have slowed (at least where a game of slaps is concerned), and pretty much everything revolves around Avery. I purposely avoid the news, limit TV, and I've always preferred staying home to partying.

And you know what? It's okay. She's only little for a minute, she deserves my days. And besides, she goes to bed early these days so I can get my learnin' on at night!


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  1. LOL... We all have mommy brain now and again.. :) Great photos..:)


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