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January 8, 2010



This is what I'm doing on a Friday night, eating peanut m&m's at my messy desk. My stomach has been hurting all day and I heard m&m's are great at curing tummy ailments. Not really. I mean really on the stomach ache, not really on the healing powers of Mars, Incorporated...though I'm sure some may disagree.

So business in January is a little slow, but hold on to your hats folks, February is almost filled and March is looking good! This leaves lots of time for me to take random photos and I really like doing that. I've been making myself use lenses that haven't been touched in months because 99% of the time I leave my 50mm 1.8 on my camera. Not anymore!

I started a 365 project and I've shot every photo with the 24mm on my D80. I always shoot on manual and I keep the ISO somewhere between 800 & 1000 because we're usually inside. They're not technically perfect (I'm forgiven as it's not the point of my project) and sure, there's some noise--but I REALLY LIKE NOISE. It's true, I do. I've never been a big fan of the 24mm, something with the clarity used to bother me. I've used it lots lately on large family sessions and now I really like it. I don't know why I haven't taken the time to really use it before.

I've had the macro on my D300s for the last week and I can't believe I barely used it before. I am loving it! And because I'm being all photography minded in this post, I'll give the specifics of the (insert sarcastic tone here) awesomely shot blue m&m.

Nikon D300s, 50mm macro, 1/60 sec, f/3.3, ISO 1250

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  1. So I have a question, On CM I asked which lens I should get next. I really wanted a 60mm macro because I've seen some awesome snow shots with it, and I was thinking next year I'll be in steamboat. Anyways, they told me not to get a 60mm macro because that is much to close to my 50mm regular lens. So, what is the difference between a macro and a regular lens. I thought there was one, but the way they were talking there is not. By the way, I canceled my membership :( I think I have until the 8th. I'll be back.


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