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January 9, 2010



There are exactly 200 dots on the large center leaf. Not really. How crazy would it be if I'd actually counted?! Crazy. This happens to be my 200th post. Unlike the big news for my 100th post, I don't have much to share.

I stepped outside today to take a couple of pictures and below is a glimpse of how I looked. I suppose you could say I'm a walking advertisement for What Not To Wear, you know, if you go in for matching and that kind of thing. My socks remind me of the bunny wallpaper Stephanie Tanner had in her room on Full House. And remember when Uncle Jesse redid the room but he kept a bit of the wallpaper in a picture frame? He was so sweet.

Anyway, I had on faded red sweatpants, my bunny socks, and my blue leopard shoes. Is it any wonder the neighbors don't really talk to us?! Happy weekend everyone!


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