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August 8, 2009


This is my 100th post. I knew it was coming up and I can't think of a more appropriate event to share. Our baby has arrived safely and we're all well and home!

My cousin K went into labor on Sunday, three days before her scheduled c-section. After she called me on Sunday afternoon as she waited for delivery, I packed our bags. I wanted to make sure that we had everything on the off-chance Avery decided to make an early appearance. Deran was putting the pack 'n' play together as I was on the phone and we made plans to install the car seat on Monday night after he got home from work.

Monday morning I went with my dad to visit K in the hospital and meet up with my mom and sister and have some lunch. After lunch my dad was driving me home when my water broke, on the 3rd, 11 days before my scheduled c-section on the 14th!! I may have gotten a little panicky at first, but my dad was great and kept me calm.

Avery Kate was born at 6:45 p.m. My breech baby had a very good reason for not turning around, her cord was short. I'm so glad we didn't try the external rotation. We'd made the decision the week before. After much thought and prayer, we had decided that if she was still breech at the next appointment, there must be a reason. At 6 lbs. 5 oz. and 19 inches, she is absolutely perfect.

Deran is the best daddy and I know I will be sad when he goes back to work. For now I'm enjoying our time together. I miss the pugs a lot but I know we need a couple of days at home to adjust and see how well I'm moving about before we introduce everyone. We'll all be back together within the next couple of days. I know this is kind of boring without pictures, but I'm laying in bed on the laptop and all of the pictures are on my computer in the office. I'll update with photos soon!!


  1. I've been waiting for pictures!!! Of course I know my new niece is beautiful!!!! I adore her! I did not know her cord was short. She is so sweet! Hope your recovery goes fast, and enjoy the time with your family! It is so crazy seeing baby things in your house ;)


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