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June 13, 2009

iI iShould've iKnown iBetter

Somewhere around the first of June, I asked Deran to log in and pay our cell phone bill because I can never remember the password. A few hours later I received a text that he'd gotten me a surprise! Something I both wanted and needed!! I just assumed it was something baby-related and completely forgot about my surprise until he got home that night.

He not only paid our bill, he ordered us both iPhones. SURPRISE! Sometimes I find D's surprises a little hard on the checkbook. Like the time he got me diamond earrings for my 25th birthday. Totally sweet, but a little pricey. Or like the time he bought 18 seasons of various tv shows to watch on the Apple TV. Or the time he went to Vegas for a conference and thought he was at a really lucky table, FANTASTIC, but surprise! It wasn't so lucky. I caught that the next day. It was reeeaaalll nice.

Mostly though, I do LOVE his surprises and he did good with the iPhone. I planned to snap a picture of it to post but instead decided to post directly from my phone. Not really, I'm on the computer, but I could be blogging from my phone because that's how awesome it is!

It has so many amazing features and it's really user-friendly. Seriously, I had my last phone for two years and just realized a couple of months ago it does have the speaker phone option. So thanks Apple, you make a great phone! However, I do believe I now have our password carved in my brain and I'll be logging in next month to pay the bill. :)

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  1. That table was really lucky! It was all the tables after that one that weren't so lucky.


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