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June 16, 2009

they look happy

Deran made that comment as I was scrolling through this session a couple of days ago. Let me just say that this family doesn't just look happy, they really are.

I first met the mom, J, when taking senior pictures for the son (unfortunately he was sick and couldn't make the session) and she is truly the ideal client. She is so sweet, cooperative, and encouraging. She makes you feel like a superstar! :)

How adorable is little sister C?!
That may seem like a weird word to describe a tween, but she is! I loved watching this family's interaction, they have such a great dynamic and are really so sweet to one another and so hilarious!

Because I love my state so much and because it was there...

Thanks R Family for meeting me so early on a Saturday morning. It was so nice meeting the rest of the family and as always, I appreciate the kind words and the opportunity to work with such an awesome family!

Lots to post about this week. I have two more sessions to edit along with two sessions scheduled for the weekend. I made a really radtastic hat last night that deserves to be seen and another doctor visit tomorrow. I'm scheduled for an early morning u/s and we can't wait to see what our girl is looking like!

And this really has nothing to do with anything, but can someone please arrange it so that the birds do NOT fly into my office window again?! Two mornings in a row! Really, birds? Really?! We could not be on a commercial, the windows are not that clean.

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