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June 10, 2009

her wonky-eyed friend

So my good friend T has taken up crocheting. She's actually getting quite good and I'm so excited at the thought of all the endless baby hats and accessories that can be made! :)

She made a trip (by train) to visit last weekend and left a sweet gift for our new baby. It's a kind of pillow person but when trying to describe the finished product to my mom, I said its eyes were "wonky." It has since been referred to as the baby's wonky-eyed friend.

The colors match her bedding and I can't wait to add this little friend to her finished room. I also love that I posed it on my Snoogle. I really love that pillow and it (along with me) can often be found on the couch during the day which is how it ended up in my picture.

Thanks again T for the cute friend and the lovely painted canvas. I know A's nursery will be super cute!

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