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April 5, 2009

ducks in a row

Meet Duck and Reindeer Duck. They wear their battle scars proudly and despite the violence they've been through, they are much loved. These ducks are to our dogs what the blue blanket is to Linus.

Reindeer Duck only recently lost his antler and it seems as if the second is soon to follow. He belongs to Oscar. If there's ever a lull in the day, O will go find his duck and begin chewing. O doesn't eat the rubber he pulls off so I let him. Plus, it makes him look like a puppy and I don't know that there's anything cuter than a pug puppy! There's no peace at night unless he finds that duck before we go lay down. I've rolled over rubber ducks more times than I can count in the last few months. O gets quite cantankerous if you try and separate them so we don't really try. You can see the grip he has with that right paw!

Harper has Duck. And really, she has two ducks. There's a pink duck who can fill in and she is also missing a face. H has always been a chewer, since she was a teeny puglet. It has gotten better over the last two years, in that she now only chews on her toys...mostly. We can no longer buy toys with plastic eyes/noses/etc. and my laundry room is full of stuffed friends who need stitches. The difference between H and O is that H will eat ANYTHING so we have to be careful when letting her chew on toys. Duck didn't lose her face all at once and I did manage to get most of the pieces away from Harp before she swallowed, but I'm afraid she did have some of the rubber.

I'm no disciplinarian when it comes to those two and it's evident in their behavior. But really, pugs are just the cutest!

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