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April 4, 2009

what happened?

A better question might be, what didn't happen this week! D was out of town all week for a conference and by Thursday I was seriously beginning to wonder when the house would fall in around me. Over-dramatization, who?

On Tuesday the dogs decided to make every mess imaginable and I was left to clean it up. So I cleaned, then gathered trash and took it to the curb. And yeah, the trash can was too full because someone *ahem-cough-DERAN* hasn't been taking it out regularly. Tuesday night I made a delicious pasta salad. But before it became delicious, I set the plastic bowl on the hot burner I'd just removed the boiling pasta from and not only ruined my bowl, but left a fantastic plastic residue on my glass cooktop.

Wednesday morning had me unexpectedly going to the doctor and getting antibiotics, then when I pulled into the driveway when I got home I thought I saw glass scattered around. Soooo, I park and get out to go drag the trash can back to the garage and realize that a ginormous jar of marinated asparagus was apparently dropped from the trash can and smashed on the driveway. Nice. I cleaned yet another mess. After that, I took an ailing Oscar to the vet where something from his behind made its way to my shirt!

On Thursday, I finally decided to activate our new credit cards. We have ONE card folks and apparently it was compromised so they sent us a new one a couple of weeks ago. We rarely use it so I hadn't bothered with it, but while I was taking care of other things I thought it was a good time to activate it. I called and set everything up, the gentleman tells me to sign the back and we're good to go. All I can say is that if I ever physically use the card, I hope it works. Someone may have tried to sign the magnetic strip. When the pen didn't want to write, I just pressed harder.

There were a few bright spots! This week I began to feel the baby move and it's such a neat feeling. I'm so happy to finally feel that connection with the person currently wreaking havoc with the rest of my body, because Pregnancy, you have not been kind to me this week. I absolutely love the baby and I'm so happy to be expecting, but really Internet. I had NO IDEA about all of the changes my body would go through in preparation for August!

Did you see how I turned that happy paragraph into a negative? I am super happy to feel the baby move and I got to hear the heartbeat this week and everything is going well. I got a really cute new purse that can double as a diaper bag (at least that's what I told D when texting that I needed to buy it), and my sweet parents spent some time at my house this week which was nice.

Pictures later today or perhaps tomorrow. Just a lot of text today, sorry!

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