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February 12, 2009

oh baby

Yesterday we couldn't hear your heartbeat and all the while we were waiting, I felt that my heart was going to pound its way out of my chest. You are fine, a little uncooperative, and you like to move...a lot.

Our doctor is so amazing and reassuring, you're so lucky she'll be helping you into this world. We got to see you and the doctor counted your fingers--they're all least on one hand. Mostly you spent those minutes turning and kicking. I'm a little concerned, those kicks looked like they pack a pretty mean punch! Silly baby, I look forward to the day I start to feel the energy you displayed for us yesterday.

You didn't really stop to pose for your picture (don't worry, you'll get used to the camera) so it captured you in motion and the doctor was right, this image is who you are now--moving, growing, and active. Your daddy and I can't wait to meet you...but we'll settle for August! You are so loved.

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  1. Awww, Aunt Melissa, Uncle Dane, and cousins Drake and Kera love you soo much! :) We can't wait to meet you, but like your parents we can settle for August as well!


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