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June 9, 2013

the sicks


A large part of why I haven't blogged over the last few months is that I've been tending to two sick kiddos.  And I have to say, the sicks really suck.  Like, really.  This past week is one of THREE weeks that we've not been to a doctor's office since making the move mid-March.  How sad is that?!  Super sad for my sweet babies!!  And as I type this, Dean has a stuffy nose yet again.  Both kids have been on two separate rounds of antibiotics and breathing treatments since leaving Austin and I'll be glad to have it all behind us!


I have been taking pictures along the way and I hope to catch up soon!  I must say that both kids handle being ill fairly well.  I belatedly noticed how snotty Dean was when I took the first picture.  I think I've met my snot-wiping quota for their entire toddling years. Fact: snot is gross.


Dean somewhat enjoys being in the bouncer.  I find he doesn't play with the toys as much as Avery did because he's usually watching Avery while he's in it.  Speaking of toys, a while back I sat Dean in the bumbo at breakfast with a key chain and an orange to keep him entertained. Oh, second babies! ;)

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  1. I believe that the reason Dean isn't so into toys is that Avery IS his toy...she's quite entertaining.


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