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January 5, 2010


My mom bought Avery a stationary entertainer (isn't Baby Einstein so proper?!) about a week before Christmas. I had seen recent pictures of three different babies belonging to various friends and family all playing happily in an exersaucer. She didn't love it at first, but she does play for a short while and when she's done, she lets me know.

She has a bouncer in waiting but is still a little small for all the bouncing fun. After seeing the other babies (one even several weeks younger than Avery!) in the exersaucers, I had to have one. I think those other babies are giants, either that or I have a mini. Her feet do NOT touch and we keep a yoga mat folded over underneath.


Oh, and that big gummy adorable grin? Totally for Harper. Avery loves the pugs, like L-O-V-E-S those two crazy dogs. It's pretty funny to watch her get so excited when Oscar barely glances in her direction. She's so sweet to them while Oscar is indifferent and Harper is just weird. I have no doubt they will all be great friends soon enough, probably about the time she starts eating solid food.

When she's concentrating on something or you hand her something new, she'll often purse her lips a little and stick them out. I love that look on my mini-baby.


Exersaucin' is fun! Now if only I would start the exercising...

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