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June 17, 2013

making rainbows


Avery has been drawing a lot of rainbows and she often asks about the colors in a rainbow.  We've been over Roy G. Biv, but she's only three so basically her rainbows can include WHATEVER COLORS SHE WANTS.  She's taken to lining up crayons and then informing me that she is "making rainbows." Her "rainbows" can get fairly long, like, stretch across rooms long.


When did my baby girl's tiny feet get so long?! She still has such a petite foot, it's so narrow and I feel like I'm always buying shoes a size too small so they don't slip off!  And yes, I let her climb on the table and basically hang off the edge.  I've always been all about safety!


Sometimes Rocky, the world IS all sunshine and rainbows!  Happy Monday!

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