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October 3, 2012

three years + two months

Wow, did this month ever sneak up on me!! The last month has gone by so quickly and I thought about the monthly update one day last week.  Then today while we were out playing another mom asked me how old Avery was and I realized today is the THIRD, which of course means my girl is one month older!!  Soooo, 38 months?!  Dang.

At 38 months Avery loves (more like, is OBSESSED with) Phineas and Ferb, I'm pretty sure that's it.  No really, she goes to bed at night pretending to be a character, she wakes up in the morning asking to watch it, she talks about getting a pet platypus, and OHMYGOSH THAT SHOW!!  It started innocently enough this summer on vacation when she was watching the Disney Channel with our two oldest nephews and then she randomly selected an episode on Netflix in the last couple of months while playing with one of our phones.  And isn't life funny, because once upon a time when I first heard there was a Netflix app I scoffed at how ridiculous it was, like we really need to watch TV or movies on our phones?!  Oh, but we do.  Anyway, she was crazy about getting a pet platypus and now we have a stuffed Perry/Agent P that tags along.  I'm starting to cut back because I feel like some of the language is a little mature for her tender three year old ears, mostly at the mouths of Dr. Doofenshmirtz and Buford.  Doof is Agent P's nemesis and he's always saying, "Curse you, Perry the Platypus!"  Just yesterday Harper ran through a line of cards Avery was laying out for an activity and Avery yelled out, "Curse you, Doggy!"  So yeah, there's that.

Avery also loves going to her class, playing outside, painting, her "wamily" (family), cooking faux and real food, and not sleeping in her bed.  She pretty much only dislikes NOT getting her way...surprise!  She's been fairly dramatic lately and has even started asking for tissues to carry around in case she needs to cry.  I wish I was kidding but some days anything can bring on the tears.  One morning she cried because I put a lid on the cup containing her orange juice and she did NOT want a lid.  Then she cried later after I refilled her juice and left the lid off because she WANTED a lid.  So fun!! :)

Avery has really taken to her "school skills" class.  I love the teachers and the activities and she finally does too!  The first few weeks she would make up any excuse to try and get out of it.  Like her back hurt, she thought she had a fever, or she needed to stay home with Nana & Pop (who were not even in town visiting), etc. Now she looks forward to going and enjoys it, yea!  In other school-ish news, she has gotten good at writing the letters F, H, A, and L.  Though sometimes her A is questionable.  She is also really into making letters and shapes using her hands.  She is also drawing more and it's so cute!  She has started adding hair to the people she draws.  One morning we were outside drawing with chalk and she drew a happy face and then added several long straight lines.  I was like, "Hey, now it looks like a jellyfish!"  Serious as could be she replied, "No Momma, it's me. It has hair."  Oh, I wish I had a picture of that self-portrait!!  Now that she adds arms and legs it's much easier to see it as hair. :)

She is still sleeping in our bed, I think we've managed one night in her own bed over the last month.  Internet, my kid can keep herself awake like nobody's business.  It's nothing for her to lay awake for over an HOUR until I finally just give in and go to bed myself so that she will finally go to sleep.  We've been on a crazy schedule and while it's been nice for me to have some morning time to myself while she snoozes, it's hard in the evening!

As always, Avery loves to play outside.  The weather has been so nice lately we've made good use of our time outdoors.  We still feed the deer regularly and every now and then we let Harper out with us to snack on some spilled corn.  Terrible for her digestive system no doubt, but she really likes it.  Anyway, one day Harper was out with us and Avery was feeding the deer while I sat in a chair.  Then she turned to Harp and was like, "There's some more corn in the garage, sweetheart.  You can have it if you want."  The garage is actually a storage closet, but still, so darn cute and sweet!! 

Speaking of corn, it's one of the only vegetables Avery will eat.  We're working on adding more but she is still a reluctant/picky eater.  One of her favorite books is The Berenstain Bears and Too Much Junk Food.  Several times a week we go over lists of healthy foods, if only she actually ate all of the things she listed!  Ah well, maybe one day.

A few things I don't want to forget about this month, her fixing things with craft sticks and masking tape.  Things like faux broken legs, scratches, headaches, name it, she can splint it and call it better!  She calls me "hamster" sometimes instead of momma.  Like, "I'm going to my room, Hamstuh." or "I need a drink, Hamstuh!"  It's better than guinea pig which is what she was stuck on for a couple of weeks.  Being so super sweet and giving us more kisses than ever before.  She told me a few days ago that she was going to give me all the kisses "then Daddy will cry and cry and cry!"  Sad for Deran but how sweet for me! The disappearance of Lulu.  He's been surprisingly absent lately and has only made a little trouble in the car and one time she got onto him for trying to mess with the television.

I wish I wrote down more of what she said these days because every day I think, I've got to remember x!  She is so funny and fun and just...fantastic.  Parenting Avery at 38 months is not without the exasperating times, but the excellent far outweighs those moments.  I was texting with my dad recently, sharing a particularly trying morning and he replied, "Wow! I can't wait until y'all have two running around! :)"  And believe me, when I'm thisclose to crossing my eyes and crying in a corner I think, "TWO?!  REALLY?!"  But gosh, when I'm holding her close I think, "Two...really...How lucky am I?!"  I jot down a bit of the craziness because I want to remember.  My parents love to remind me of exactly how I was at Avery's age, of my mom calling my dad near the breaking point because I wouldn't eat [insert random food] and didn't I just eat [random food] yesterday?!  Apparently my girl and I have some similarities.  This means she will grow up to be extremely AWESOME. ;)

So 38 of the best months, all spent with our favorite girl.  October is a busy month of travel, family, and fun - I can't wait to see how our Avery embraces it all!

The monthly iPhone update, left to right and top to bottom: 1) We live in Austin so she gots to represent! 2) (Home)School work! And look how well she can trace those numbers! 3) Enjoying a pumpkin cookie, playing on her phone by Daddy. 4) Giving her fave pug boy some love! 5) Sweetly sleeping...finally. 6) Early morning, laying on the closet floor while I get ready. 7) In her own words, "I'm a moviehead!" 8) At the top of the rock wall at the playground we recently discovered super close to home. And yes, her shoes are on the wrong feet. 9) A mustachioed lady.

ak38months B

Happy 38 month birthday sweet girl, we love you lots!

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