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September 3, 2012

three years + one month

Goodness this last month flew by in a blur!  We were traveling over this Labor Day weekend but I couldn't forget Avery's 37 month birthday.  Based on the last month of behavior, I'd say we're in for a real treat with three. ;)

At 37 months Avery loves her family, playing with her toys, playing outside, Phineas & Ferb, Max & Ruby, bacon, looking through baby pictures, anything and everything we've bought for her baby brother, and her iPhone.  She dislikes listening, not getting her way, and sleeping in her own bed.

Avery has always had a fantastic imagination and it continues to show in her play every single day.  I love to listen in while she's playing with her doll house or just participating when we play together.  She always takes the lead and it's fun to go along with whatever she's cooked up.  She likes to get an object and kind of do a tug-of-war, she thinks it's hilarious and always wants me to play the "mine, no mine" game.  It's like, "It's mine!" "No, mine!" and so on. Great fun! ;)  What's funny is she does this with her dolls too.  She'll grab a couple before we run errands and her dolls will argue in the backseat over the silliest of things.  This all reminds me a lot of the book, Snot Stew

Speaking of books, we go through soooo many a day.  I'm so glad she has a love for reading!!  She is still a fan of the Berenstain Bears which I grew up on too.  On a recent trip to my mom's I pulled several out from the closet and it was fun to read a few stories about our favorite bears that she's never heard.  She also loves for you to tell her stories. She requests some classics, and then some we've made up.  Deran says mine all sound like Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  He's not completely wrong, there are at least three more stories involving a trio and some creature who eats and breaks things that don't belong to them before taking a nap. :)

We've been on a bit of break from watching My Little Ponies and have gotten into a Max & Ruby trance.  She's totally in a zone when she's watching and it can be really frustrating.  Just one more reason I think it's great to limit television, I need a tot to listen!!  She is incredibly cute when she's watching though because she giggles and chastises Max.  We found Deran's old iPhone and turned it into an iPod for her that is loaded with fun apps and several episodes of Max & Ruby.  She is totally obsessed with her "wone."

She still says W in place of the F sound and when she grows out of that I know I'll be a little sad. She's already started correcting so many things, she has matured so much just since we've been in Austin. She still looked like such a baby at the beginning of this year and here we are in September and when I see her clutching on to Deran she looks so a kid. :(

I can definitely tell she's gotten taller in recent months, though she hasn't really gained any weight.  Summer seems to have brought a better appetite and she has started eating pancakes really well!  I know it sounds crazy because who wouldn't like a delicious pancake?!  But it's something!  She also loves, like crazy loves, bacon.  I've probably mentioned it before but I doubt I could emphasize it enough, just how much she likes bacon.  But like with any other food, she's pretty specific.  She doesn't like it too crispy and one morning I cooked some delicious bacon - just perfect.  Mornings can be tough around here anyway, Avery can be...ornery...upon first waking.  I couldn't get things on her plate and to the table fast enough so I handed her a piece while I finished cooking.  She grumpily threw it on the floor and told me, "You know I don't like it too hard."  What?!  We had a serious talk about throwing bacon in this house, IT DOESN'T HAPPEN...EVER.  I felt a little like the Soup Nazi except in regards to bacon.  My first reaction was like, "No bacon for you!" but of course she got out of her waking up funk and went on to eat a few pieces from the same batch.

We tend to take our time with getting the day started so these grumpies don't really affect us one way or the other.  Honestly, none of us in this house are early morning people.  Even little brother is most active at night, choosing PM hours to move all around.  We'll be having another ultrasound with the next appointment because he does not cooperate early in the morning.  It's not just the people in this house, it's our pugs too.  We recently had to be downtown at 7:30 a.m. for a family photo session and I got up at 6:00 to get ready and give the dogs some time out of their kennels before we left.  Oscar stepped out for a stretch but when he realized we were up and moving he climbed back in his kennel.  Harper never even bothered getting out.  So my girl's a night owl, just like the rest of the household!

Avery is such a light in our lives, she makes us smile and laugh all the time.  Her idea of being a grown up just cracks me up.  One day she went through a list of things that would happen and ended with, "Theeeen I'll be a grown-up and can do things like Momma.  I can go grocery shopping all by myself!"  Oh, the joys of being a grown-up!! ;)  Though one thing we're not clear on grown-ups doing is sleeping by themselves.  She has been in bed with us for well over a month, since we returned from vacation at the end of July.  One night as I was putting on her pajamas and talking to her about sleeping in her bed she told me she couldn't, because she's a grown-up now and grown-ups don't sleep in little kids' beds.  I asked, "So they just sleep with their mommy & daddy?"  "Yea!" was her reply.  If I wake up one more time with a foot on my face, this grown-up may just take the little kid bed!   

Over three years of parenting this sweet girl and we can hardly believe how quickly the time has gone by.  She is so sweet and sassy and just ridiculously cute in all she does.  No doubt us feeling that way gets us in trouble when she is so rotten.  On the drive back home this weekend she was playing with a couple of figurines in the back and Deran said, "She really is so precious."  And she is, I can't disagree with that. 

The monthly iPhone update, left to right and top to bottom: 1) Using one birthday present (a broom that she wanted) to clean up another - play doh makes me cringe a little. 2) Wearing a baby hat and some fabric, always so stylish! 3) Giving Oscar some love 4) Eating a fruit strip atop Mount Bonnell 5) Laying in my lap, playing games on Daddy's phone 6) Using her phone after dark 7) Ming Ming! 8) Taking a break from exploring Rice University's campus 9) Taking a nap through the last ultrasound of baby brother, it really is tough to get up early. :)


Happy 37 month birthday sweet girl, we love you lots!!

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