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September 21, 2012

an illustration


So this is like, a profile shot of me right now.  I'm not sure I emphasized the sway back enough because I feel it like, WHOA.  Y'all, I'm just going to photoshop my face on this drawing and call it done for maternity photos.  I'm serious.

This pregnancy has been so similar to my pregnancy with Avery except that I'm having a boy and time is totally flying by!  Oh, and the back pain.  Oh!  The back pain!  Deran suggested maybe it's the way I'm carrying this boy but I'm pretty sure it's the way I'm carrying his sister. ;)  First time pregnant women, make a note of this and rejoice in the random naps and sitting whenever you want.  IT WILL NOT HAPPEN AGAIN.  The end.

Really though, aside from a few aches and pains this time is just passing so quickly and I know I have Avery to thank for that.  She keeps us so busy and active, I don't have time to fret or analyze every little thing that happens with my body.  This can be good and bad, but mostly good.  Avery has been laying on me a couple of times when the boy has been especially active and ever since she will randomly put a hand somewhere on me and tell me that baby brother is kicking her. :)  She also says sometimes he cries in there.  I'm not sure why she thinks this.  Sometimes I give him a voice and tell her that he wants her to stop sitting on his head or bouncing on him, etc.  And yeah, she does sit on his head because he's breech too.  It's just how I grow 'em!

I have another ultrasound next week to check his growth and hopefully get a profile shot, something they've tried unsuccessfully to get the last two appointments.  I don't mind so much because it's always fun to see your baby, right?!  Right.  It really is and last time his little baby face looked soooo cute!!  We'll also be able to see if he's still right-side up or upside down.  I've held on to the hope of avoiding another c-section and yet accepting of the fact that it may be my fate.  Either way, I just want a healthy delivery for both of us.  There is comfort in knowing what to expect with that.  Mostly I try not to think of the birth so much as just the afterward - meeting my baby boy, celebrating being home, living life.   There's a peace in glossing over the not-so-nice bits. :) 

Lots coming up on the blog next week, I hope everyone has a great weekend and happy start to this fabulous fall!

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