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July 31, 2012

the boy with no name

I mean, I think the title sums it up.  We're having a BOY!  And we haven't picked a name!  Yea for little brothers!! 

We've actually known for over a week, since the day we left for our week at the seashore.  We stopped by a 3D/4D office for a gender reveal but kept it a secret from family and friends.  Then today we went for the big ultrasound and our boy was very uncooperative.  I don't blame him, the appointment was at 8:00 a.m. and we all had a late night.  So technically the gender was not revealed today...and unfortunately all of the measurements weren't able to be done either.  The good news is we get to see him again in four weeks at the next appointment!  High five for snuggly babies who don't want to move!  His spine looked real good. :)

I wanted to continue keeping it a secret but my husband said no.  Whatever.  Sometimes it's fun to keep secrets!  I'm glad we went last week, I would have been disappointed to have to wait another FOUR weeks to find out.

The tech at the gender reveal said 100% boy so unless there was some crazy umbilical placement, I think it's safe to start shopping for blue.  We're really excited, there have been so many similarities to my pregnancy with Avery I really had no idea what gender to expect and willed myself to remain neutral until we found out.   Turns out I'm just awesome at pregnancy.  Just kidding...mostly.  I haven't been sick at all and with the exception of wanting to sleep through the first 13 weeks, I generally feel good.  

He Who Shall Remain Nameless (well, eventually he'll have a name) is currently weighing around one pound and has a pretty cute profile.  The photo below is from last week, when he wasn't all nestled into me hiding from the technician.



  1. Lauren and Pam say "yay" from CCISD!

  2. Congrats Amy!!! Boys are great, so happy for yall!


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