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July 30, 2012

back to life, back to reality

We're back from a week at the beach where I didn't get on a computer one single day.  Now we're settled in back at home and it's so cliche, but I need a vacation to get over my vacation.  I'm soooo tired!  Of course it's back to the daily grind and lots of big things are going on this week.  I'm officially over 21 weeks into this pregnancy and tomorrow we get to see the baby and find out all kinds of measurements and whatnot.  A fun appointment to be sure!  

Of course the biggest thing going on this week is on Friday, when our sweet girl turns thirty-six months old.  I think I'm going back to months, it makes her sound more like my baby, right?  Right?!  Even stopping to enjoy the little moments leaves the years passing in a blur.  THREE.  


Sometimes I forget just how gorgeous her eyes are, then I catch them looking my way and I stop.  Just a peak and those blue eyes get me. 

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