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June 12, 2012

an update...without pictures

Hello?  Hello?!  Yeah, so with the exception of Avery's monthly update I've pretty much been away from my computer for the last couple of months.  I actually have had several sessions, I just haven't publicly posted any pictures.  Why?  Well Internet, I'll tell you like I told Deran - Growing a baby is hard work.  

The first trimester really knocked me down, not that I felt terrible (I haven't been sick a day!) but I was just so completely exhausted every single day.  I'm now half-way into week 14 and it's amazing how different I'm feeling!  I've been going to bed earlier too so I'm sure that helps.

I have so many fabulous families and photos to share over the next few weeks!  I also have lots of updates coming to the blog and FINALLY an overhaul for the site that has been "Coming Soon" for far too long.  AND an even better surprise for any readers who love to read about us...which is really probably only one.  Hey Aunt Debbie! :)

A few business updates: I'm not taking any more weddings in 2012 beyond what I've already booked and will be taking a break from weddings for at least half of 2013 as I plan to stick close to home and Baby #2.  I'll be offering one day of mini-sessions in the fall for any old clients in the Dayton/Baytown/Houston areas and will announce that date by the end of summer.  I have just a couple of dates left for full sessions this summer in July and August.  And the biggest news is that I won't be traveling as much after the baby is born so sessions in the Houston area will be harder to come by.  However, Austin has great scenery and is family friendly for any clients wanting to make a trip to me! ;)

A few personal updates: Yea for the second trimester and feeling mostly normal!  And yea for almost potty trained toddlers!  If we finish out this week without diapers I'm calling it successfully done.  I've also come to the conclusion that Avery loves to torment me by dragging us to every public restroom EVER.  The solution is to stay home!  She got a new baby today and when you squeeze its hand it says, "Momma."  Tonight after she was in bed she kept pressing it and yelling to me, "This baby is calling for you.  Come give this baby a hug!  This baby wants its Momma!" Anything to fight the sleep. :)  We are finally having family photos done in a couple of weeks and I'm so excited, I'll definitely have much to share!  

That's about it, life is marching on around here after a busy couple of weeks of travel and spending time with friends and family.  I hope everyone is having a good week and be on the look out for the fabulous Hill Family on Thursday!

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