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May 3, 2012

two years + nine months

Oh my, another month closer to THREE!  This month has passed in a blur of travel, and fun, and...sickness.  The biggest news of course is that Avery is going to be a big sister.  When I first told her, she was in the midst of a virus with really high fevers.  She was excited but then hung her head and said, "Aubrey (a cousin) says it's hard to be a big sister."  I'm sure it can be, but I think she will be great! :)

At 33 months Avery loves Barney, reading, Daddy (and Momma), the pugs, playing outside, getting everything she ever wanted "RIGHT NOW!" and popcorn.  She dislikes not getting everything she ever wanted "RIGHT NOW!" and having her ouchies doctored.  

There surprisingly hasn't been much Dora & Diego over the last month but we have watched the Barney zoo episode about 482 times.  It's pretty much her show of choice when she watches television and she marches around the apartment singing the songs.  It's pretty cute because she is an excellent singer.  What I love about Avery's singing is that it's always to her own rhythm and often sounds nothing like the actual song, except for the correct lyrics.  She's awesome like that! :)  She's recently started watching My Little Ponies on Netflix and it's just okay, it'll never replace the love she had for Wonder Pets or Diego.  Avery's afternoon snack is usually popcorn while she watches her show.  She LOVES her some popcorn!  Probably because it's the movie theater butter, it is quite delicious.

Avery still loooves to read and we go through several books during the day and before bed.  She's big on nursery rhymes now and we read this book A LOT.  She also does several activities on this site and will sit and watch all the nursery rhymes while I cook dinner or fold laundry.  She's so cute because while we read books she always has to pick the character she wants to be, then who I will be, Daddy will be, etc.  She truly does have a great imagination!  Speaking of, we haven't heard from Lulu in a couple of's been nice!  Though she definitely still has imaginary friends.  A couple of days ago I was folding clothes on my bed when she decided to join me.  She was holding on to the door frame to the bedroom and saying, "Stop pushing me." then finally released her grip from the frame and walked on in.  I won't lie, sometimes she weirds me out.

So Avery really does love me, she does.  When I went to a session one weekend she said, "Don't go Mommy, I will miss you!"  And she'll say she loves me all night long and she loves on me during the day, BUT when I tell her I love her she is still very likely to let me know that she loves Daddy.  I've started to reply that I love him too.  Then she'll say, "We can love he both."  And I think I love her a little more when she does.  Her misuse of pronouns always makes me smile, then I repeat things correctly.  She often talks about "we pugs" or "we Austin house" or says something like "it was very nice to meet she."  The pugs seem to be a great conversation starter for her.  Anytime we stumble upon strangers who want to chat, telling them that we have pugs named Oscar and Harper are the first words that come out of her mouth.  Recently in an elevator on our way to a doctor appointment a nurse in the elevator commented that she liked Avery's bow.  Avery then launched into a discussion about our dogs.  The nurse said, "Oh, really?" because I'm sure she didn't catch it all.  Avery said, "Yeah." Then when the doors opened for our floor Avery stuck her hand down my shirt and shouted, "Boobies!"  Very random but the other people in the elevator going up thought it was hilarious.  I think I'd rather her stick to talking about the dogs.

She really loves the pugs so much even though she can be crazy towards them.  Oscar finally got his cone off on Tuesday and periodically throughout the day she would sing out, "I'm so happy Oscar got his cone off!"  Soooo adorable and sweet!  She's started to give them a voice, like she'll say, "Oscar's saying, 'feed me! feed me!'" or "Harper says, 'I'm hungy (hungry)!'" Again with the cuteness!  While Oscar was recovering from surgery, Avery would say things like, "I know buddy, I know you hurt."  Goodness, it was so precious!  She actually gave Harper a kiss the other day and I thought that was sweet...even though it was really a slap in my face since I'd asked for a kiss and she looked at me and then gave Harper a kiss instead.  WHATEVER.  Let me tell you, there is no doubt who is number one for both of those pugs and it's MOMMA. :)

Avery has become an excellent climber.  She crawls over rocks and thinks she can do anything "all by my own," as she says.  She really loves to play outside and besides us living in a parking lot, there are lots of great spots around here to let her explore.  The only problem is that occasionally knees get scraped.  And OH MY WORD, trying to clean a scraped knee and apply some neosporin is akin to child abuse in our house.  At least I'm sure that's what the neighbors think is happening by all the shrieking and the "No no no no noooooo!" screams reverberating around the building.

She is doing so great with letters and numbers.  I've recently noticed when she points out an S that she says "snake" instead of the letter.  She was pointing out all the letters on a poster at the doctor's office and said, "O - N - Snake..." and then when she was reading off my t-shirt she said, "C - O - Snake..."  As always, she makes me smile with almost everything she does.  I say almost because I can't say that tantrums really make me smile...though sometimes I do, because really, how ridiculous?!  It doesn't help that she's been sick twice over the last month because I think we've cleared out the toy section of both the local Target and Wal-Mart.  It's terrible, but she's soooo hard to administer medicine to that I offer a prize for each successful day.  At her last appointment Deran met me to get Avery because I had an appointment too.  When they walked in the apartment she looked every bit the tiny toddler diva with sunglasses on, a sack full of new toys and DVDs, and a hula hoop!  Deran just looked at me and said he couldn't go shopping with her by himself anymore.  Apparently Daddy caves in to her every demand!  It can be hard, she is really cute!  Plus, when she says things like, "I wish I had..." or "I always liked..."

One last thing before I wrap this up, there's just so much going on in life and I know I miss so many little things I want to remember about her right now!!  She uses never for ever and it's always so dramatic.  She uses never correctly too but she'll say things like, "How are we never going to get this out?!" Of course she still says things like, "Never!" when you ask her to do something and she is adamantly refusing.  

Oh, oh our Avery Kate!  This new baby is so lucky to have a big sister like our sweet girl.  After seeing the baby at the ultrasound she told me that night, "That baby is just so cute in there!" and then kissed my tummy.  It totally made up for her, "Let's go NOW!" and "Can we leave?" while we were actually at the appointment. :)  It's hard to believe in just a few short months she'll be three years old.  These last couple of years have flown by and while I sometimes long for time to slow down, I look forward to what each new month holds.  We love her so much!!!  She truly does make each day better.


Happy 33 month birthday sweet girl, we love you lots! 

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