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February 3, 2012

two years + six months

Two and a half years of having Avery in our lives is being celebrated today!  Just last night Deran looked back at her sleeping sweetly in the backseat and then turned to me and said, "Can you even believe we made her?!"  And some days I just can't, being her parent is pretty amazing. 

At thirty months Avery loves her mommy and daddy, the color brown, talking, playing with her babies, Wonder Pets, reading books, going to the library, playing with her cousins, M&Ms, talking, playing with imaginary friends, watching shows, and TALKING.  She dislikes bedtime and as always, not getting her own way.

I think this move has affected all of us in various ways.  I guess I didn't really think about Avery feeling the effects as much because she still has us and even her toys as constants.  However, the first week in Austin she was incredibly clingy when we were out in public.  And then last week when I talked to her about going to storytime she asked if her friend Esther was going to be there. She said, "And Esther, please Mommy?" When I told her they wouldn't be coming to our new library she said she wanted to stay home.  It was sweet, but made me sad.  I'm glad she got lots of time in with all the cousins and even a little Esther time over a short trip to Houston last weekend because her conversations with imaginary friends was starting to worry me!  But then again, she really likes to talk.  To us, to the dogs, the deer, a few strangers, her dolls, herself - anybody or thing with a set of ears basically.  She does have three constant imaginary pals, Brother, Sister, and Lu Lu.  Brother and Sister play around the house and fit in the palm of her hands, one in each.  They often take naps and swim during bath time.  Then when it's time to get out she gets them out and cups her hands.  While I tug on her pajamas she tells me that I hurt Sister so I have to apologize and kiss Sister.  Then I hurt Brother...and I'm sure you get the idea.  I guess they don't like going through pajama sleeves.  Lu Lu on the other hand is mostly confined to the car.  He (yeah it's a boy) is a little mischievous and gets scolded quite a bit.  Sometimes he's in the house but mostly just travels with us.  During a drive a couple of weeks ago she was telling me what he'd done and I started in along the lines of, "Lu Lu why did you blah blah blah."  But then she interrupted me with, "No, Lu Lu's napping right now."  Right, how did I miss him sprawled across the backseat?!  That girl of ours has a fantastic imagination!!

Despite NOT wanting to go to storytime without a favorite friend, Avery really enjoys going to the library.  She asks almost daily if we can go.  She has always loved us reading to her and that hasn't faded over the months.  I'm so thankful for her love of books because I LOVE to read!!!  And though she loves her books, she also loves television.  She often asks to watch shows.  It's a pretty basic rotation of Dora, Diego, and Wonder Pets.  We've watched a few full-length features, most recently Beauty and the Beast.  She did really good at the theater!!

Avery is still really sweet to us, though my heart has been broken a few times this month.  Some days whenever I tell her I love her her response is, "I love Daddy."  Wah! A couple of days ago this was our conversation:
Me: Avery, I love you!
Avery: I love Daddy too.
Me: You can love Daddy too, but what about Mommy?  I love you so much!
Avery: I love Daddy so much.
Me: But what about Mommy?
Avery: Maybe later.

Oh, but I know she loves me!  She tells me she loves Daddy with a grin on her face because she knows exactly how to get to me.  She's had just a bit of two year old belligerence lately and when she's told not to do something she replies with, "I will do..." or "I can do..." often with arms crossed and a serious tone.  She's rotten but also ridiculously cute.  The concern of course is when she's actually heading for danger and she doesn't realize it.  She's started to run off in a couple of stores when out with friends and family and thinks it's hilarious for me to chase her.  We do use timeouts!  Threats of taking away beloved toys do nothing.  Yesterday she was tired and threw a fit in public so I explained why she needed to calm down, etc.  Then threatened to take back a new baby, but she shook her head YES - take back the baby.  And then she cried louder because she wanted me to take it back and she wanted to go with me to take it back.  I'm blaming the move for all this behavior too.  Internet, it's hard to settle in a new place!

And about the new place, Avery really likes it.  She asked more than once to go back to our Austin house last weekend.  No doubt because Daddy was here before us and we all know she looooves him!  Really though, I think it's because all of her toys are here and she loves playing in her new room.  She got a wooden tool kit for Christmas and has been using them to fix all kinds of things in her room.  She's also super proud of herself for being able to turn her light on and off with the help of a new step stool.  We see the deer daily and that's something she definitely enjoys.  She talks to them which scares quite a few away but always makes me smile. 

Now this month's post is getting really long, but I haven't blogged about Avery much lately and I've been meaning to write so many things down before I forget!  On the way back to Austin the other day we were talking and I asked her what her favorite color was and she said brown.  Then when I asked what her favorite song was she said, "Pink!" :)  The most requested song to sing is "Hush Little Baby" and in the car she really likes listening to a silly songs CD she got for Christmas.  I'll have to post about my personal favorite silly song another time.  Another thing she does, when she's talking about doing something with someone else, she says, "Youme & Oscar..." Or "Youme & Aubrey..." and so on.  I know it's because we always start out with, "You, me, and Daddy..." or whoever.  She says this a lot and it makes me smile that she thinks it's "youme."  One not so great thing she's said this month is "Oh trap!"  And for "trap" read CRAP.  I've slipped twice this month, once when missing a turn and once when I spilled salsa on the rug.  Both times she immediately started shouting it and I had to apologize and explain how it's not nice, etc.  Speaking of not nice, the other day at lunch a gentleman was cleaning tables several feet away and Avery kept shouting at him to, "Go away old man, go away!"  When I told her that wasn't nice and he was doing his job she said, "Well I just want him to get away."  Oh.  And old man?!  One night we went to meet my brother-in-law for dinner in San Antonio and Avery kept shouting at Deran to hurry up.  Then said, "Hurry up old man, hurry up!!"  We looked at one another and it was like, did she just call you "old man?!"  And yeah, she did.

Right now, I love the way she says "because."  It's "buzz." And I love that "w" still starts so many words, like food - sounds like wooed.  One day I said, "Can you say Food?  Fa fa food."  She said, "Wooed.  Wa wa wooooed."  Cutest thing EVER.  When I say I think it's time to do something she doesn't want to do she replies with, "I think not."   

She is loving letters lately and I couldn't be happier.  We watch a couple of Leap Frog phonics videos and go over letters everywhere from t-shirts to magnets to highway signs.  Once we get started with, "What starts with the letter..." she keeps going and has gotten really good at identifying letters and what begins with each.

And as much as she loves letters, she dislikes bedtime.  She doesn't want to miss a thing and I can't remember the last time going to sleep didn't involve tears.  Hurts my heart but I know it's a phase that will soon pass.  

So this month of moving and traveling so much between homes and cities has been tough, but our girl is still amazing us each day with what she's learning and who she is becoming.  We're finally starting to settle in this month and I can't wait to see what it has in store for Avery and all of us.  I know I gush a little every month but seriously, we are so in love with her.  Even those crazy days can be looked back on with a smile because the next day began anew.  And starting a new day with Avery?  Well, we can't imagine anything better.     


Happy 30 month birthday sweet girl, we love you lots!!




  1. Loved your post today...You are so lucky to have this blog to account for all the little things with Avery...You will be able to look back and remember....Loved it

  2. Thanks so much, Vanessa! I think her monthly update is the one thing I've been consistent least since around the 3 month mark. :) I know I forget so many little things that go on that I want to hang on to. I've even started making notes on my phone!

  3. Aunt Debbie, I don't know where your comment is but I saw it in my email. I'm so glad the update brings old memories to mind because I love hearing about your childhood. :) And would you believe you're not the first person to mention having someone else to play with? We totally get the hint. :)


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