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February 3, 2012

52 fridays | week 5 | on the shelf

I came thisclose to posting a photo of what the shelves in our new apartment actually look like, but it just so happens my husband stacked Avery's books neatly last night so this picture won out.  Mostly because over four years later, I'm still super excited about the steal I got on all of those Joy Berry books.  

Several years ago, before we were even planning a family, I scored these books at a garage sale for around $5.  Considering that's about what one book goes for, I think I got a pretty sweet deal.  And sure, they'd been sitting in the trunk of my old car and then the garage until...oh, about two months ago - BUT now they are sitting on the shelf, being read and teaching life lessons.  Hello WHINING, I'm looking at you!  

I really love these books but if you don't feel like buying all of them, they are sure to be found at the local library!

Week5 OnTheShelf Blog

Now travel on over across the globe and check out Robyn Regan of Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia to see what's on the shelf!


  1. Love all the books, the colours, and the deal you got too! Nice shot!

  2. I love the colours! We don't have any Joy Berry books but I see a few others that are well loved stories in our house :)

  3. my boys never had any Joy Berry books - but these do looked loved. i love the colors and your lighting too. great job.

  4. Love that the books are at different angles-great shot!

  5. I work in an elementary school that's placing a big emphasis on bullying. The first title I noticed was "Being bulled." Nice composition on this shot!

  6. I love seeing children's books on the shelf. Great colors and great shot!


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