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December 8, 2011

rain, rain, either way

mcfam01 E

mcfam02 E

The forecast for the day of this session was scattered thunderstorms and it was really gray when I was driving to our location.  About twenty minutes in we had to take cover in a garage and then we actually shot a little in the rain!  A first for me, standing in the rain while Darcy and Scott took turns holding an umbrella!  Somewhere in between those scattered showers (and in the midst of them) we managed to get so many photos that I love of this family.

mcfam03 E

mcfam04 E

mcfam05 E

mcfam06 E

Okay really, how can you not smile when you see his big baby grin?!  He is sooooo cute!!

mcfam07 E

mcfam08 E

mcfam09 E

mcfam10 E

mcfam11 E

mcfam12 E

mcfam13 E

Darcy, Scott, and Lincoln, it was so nice to meet the three of you.  I really enjoyed our session and I appreciate you guys helping to make the most of our rainy day!

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