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December 3, 2011

2 years + 4 months

Goodness gracious, 28 months!  We're in the middle of our third holiday season as a family of three and this year is so much fun!!

At 28 months Avery loves everything tiny, M&Ms, chocolate chips, babies, pretending to be mad, reading books, Diego, playing games on my "wone," and going to the doctor.  Just kidding on that last one, we've just spent a lot of time there over the past month!  She really dislikes sleeping in her room, scary movies, and wearing pants.  

Avery is still a very light eater and we're seeing a specialist next week to make sure all is well with her tummy.  I feel certain that everything is okay, she's just extremely picky.  She does like vanilla yogurt and if she does choose to eat any other food on her plate, you can bet it's dipped in yogurt before she takes a bite!  She loves chocolate chips and still demands her favorite treat whenever the freezer is opened.

And speaking of chocolate chips, when we visited Santa this month Avery told him she wanted "Chocolate Chip puppy dog!"  We'd been perusing all the toy catalogs in the weeks leading up to our visit and she picked out that dog and has stuck by her decision ever since.  I really can't wait to see her face on Christmas morning when she opens that beloved pet!!  I know Santa is totally on top of things.   Avery is getting a total of six presents this year.  We did a big Christmas last year and she really could have cared less.  We're cutting back on costs and gifts this year.  Mrs. Claus has picked out a handful of things Avery will surely love and I think this Christmas is going to be really fun.  She was very excited to decorate the tree and has been rearranging it every day.  There are ornaments in between couch cushions, on random chairs, and of course multiple ornaments per branch.  The bottom half of our tree looks really awesome! :)  When reading story books about the real story of Christmas she always asks about the angels.  Maybe because they look so different in each book?  I don't know.  She loves her some baby Jesus and was sad when she recently broke a nativity ornament.  I guess a few breakables slipped by us! 

Avery is really into playing with babies right now.  And because she's been so sick over the last month, she's gotten more dolls as prizes than she's gotten over the last two years!  Seriously, after each doctor visit she always chose a baby...sometimes two.  We recently got a blue/pink set and she calls them brother and sister.  It's funny because they both have headbands with bows and she'll be like, "Brother needs his headband.  Where's he headband?"  She loves loves loves to take care of all her babies!  

When it comes to toys, the tinier the better.  I have two problems with tiny toys, 1) She still sometimes puts things in her mouth so CHOKING HAZARD, and 2) We are often searching for all of the tiny toys because tiny toys and two year olds don't always mix so well.  But, tiny toys are awfully cute and she surely does love to play with them.

Lately she pretends to be mad and she'll cross her arms over her chest and just pace around.  If we ask why she's mad she just cuts her eyes our way and walks on.  Sometimes she'll say, "I'm so mad right now!" and when I ask why she'll say, "I'm so happy!"  Her mad moodiness is quick to pass. :)

We really love talking with her and she makes us laugh so often during the day.  I will miss so many of the pronunciations of this age.  I love that she says "weep" for sleep, "wone" for phone, "wooed" for food...yeah she really likes the "w."  And she keeps us in line!  The other day at the doctor's office when the nurse was checking her temperature Avery looked down at her hands and then looked at me and said, "You need to cut my nails."  Indeed, her nails needed to be cut.  I guess I got used to her biting them and she's since dropped the habit - thank goodness!

Avery still sleeps in our room.  Moving to her bedroom will happen!  It will!  She likes to play in there, but always when it's time for bed she says she wants to sleep in Mommy's bed.  She also dislikes wearing pants lately.  Or maybe it's just gotten easier for her to take them off so she thinks that's fun, who knows!  She really dislikes scary movies.  And by scary, I mean the previews for The Wizard of Oz that show before one of our Christmas movies.  And also, Home Alone.  Who knew it was so terrifying?!

Avery at 28 months is really a fantastic girl.  She has always had a sweet disposition and honestly we got so lucky with Avery!  We are so happy to be her parents and can't wait for all the joy this month holds!


Happy 28 month birthday baby girl, we love you lots! 

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