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November 22, 2011

she just may be my favorite

ivyfall01 E

I've had the opportunity to photograph lots and lots of beautiful people over the last couple of years, but this gorgeous girl may just be my favorite model. EVER.  I've been photographing her for the last three years and I always look forward to our sessions.  She is not your typical five year old and after a session with her I'm like, STOP THE PRESSES! I just want to specialize in children's portraiture!  Or more specifically, I just want to focus on five year old's named Ivy.  Because she's that awesome!  I will say though that lately I've been blown away by the fantastic kids I've gotten to photograph.  And I don't just mean totally cute, because have you seen the photos?!  They all are!!  But I mean well-behaved, happy, actually looking at the camera - AMAZING kids these last few months!!  And thank goodness, because Ivy?!  She sets the standard pretty high.

ivyfall02 E

ivyfall03 E

ivyfall04 E
ivyfall05 E

The next series of photos was taken at a local landmark on the brink of demolition.  It holds a special place in her mom's heart so of course we had to include it for memory's sake!

ivyfall07 E

ivyfall06 E

ivyfall10 E

ivyfall08 E

ivyfall09 E

ivyfall12 E

LOVE the next one!!  One of my favorite images of all time.  She truly is a beautiful little girl, but she's also a great kid where it counts too. She is polite, friendly, respectful, and pretty much just a dream to be around.

ivyfall13 E

ivyfall14 E

When the skies turned gray we hurried to the stadium to end our session with a little cheer for the home team!

ivyfall15 E

ivyfall16 E

Krystal, thanks so much for sticking with me over the years.  I am thankful for your family for more reasons that you could possibly think of, y'all have truly been a blessing to my business and my life.  I can't wait to see what our year six session has in store!

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  1. Beautiful little girl and what wonderful shots you got!


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