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August 23, 2011

tuesday tunes

I recently bought this CD at Sam's, except it's a double set with more songs and was $2 less! Love me some Sam's Club. Anyway, It's got most of the songs I remember from those early days of Sunday school. I'm anxious to hear Avery belting them out, she's already pretty good at "This Little Light of Mine."


On a different note (ha!), Deran introduced Avery to some Garth Brooks on the way to dinner last Saturday. Listening to those songs brought back so many memories and Deran and I were talking about how controversial "The Thunder Rolls" video was that it was banned from several stations. So crazy compared to what's out now!


And also, Avery's hair situation is out.of.control. Love my crazy haired girl!



  1. Gotta say, I LOVE the wild and crazy hair!

  2. Aww! Amy, your daughter is beautiful!!!! Love the pictures too!

  3. @Debbie, I love that crazy hair but I do wish she'd leave a bow in to keep it out of her face! :)

    @Sarah, thanks so much!!


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