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July 12, 2011

the third

It doesn't seem so long ago that this little boy was making his entrance into the world and now he's three and a big brother! Mr. B is the third, having the same name as both his father and grandfather. I think that makes year three extra special since he's three and a third. :)

BP01 E

He did such a great job and though we tried to stick to the shade, it was really hot out! And after pointing out the rocks on the ground, he pretty much just wanted to find rocks and throw them at the wall. He really has a great arm, I ducked out of the way a few times!

BP02 E

BP10 E

I love that there's just a hint of three year old mischief in his smile. I'm pretty sure throwing the rocks was his favorite part of the morning.

BP09 E

But I doubt even rocks compare to his beloved monkey. I asked him if his monkey had a name and he said, "Yes. Monkey." Of course we had to get him in a couple of pictures too!

BP08 E

BP04 E

We stopped to play with cars for a few minutes and he was particularly fond of one truck. He hid it behind his back and was all, "Where did it go?" before happily revealing it to us. It was really cute!

BP07 E
BP12 E

BP11 E

It was an eventful morning to be sure, after running out of gas for the SECOND time in a month, our session got off to a late start. Thanks so much for everything R, your oldest boy (much like your youngest boy) is totally adorable and I know one day he'll come to appreciate photos as much as you! ;)


  1. I just showed Brady these pics and he said he goes to work everyday in that blue truck :)

  2. Thanks Amy! You did an amazing job getting my boy to participate and take pictures! He is growing up too fast!!


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