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July 7, 2011

makeovers, muscles, and mustaches

This has been a hectic couple of weeks filled with sessions and lots of family fun. Deran was off a couple of extra days and I feel like we got exactly nothing accomplished at home. We spent some time with my in-laws and sadly I'm feeling quite sore after a two inning game of wiffle baseball that was played on Tuesday. This is Thursday. I would like to point out that my team, consisting of me, Deran, and his older brother D, totally stomped the other team. It's always a good idea when playing games of any kind to pair my brother-in-law and I together as we're both excellent winners and don't care to lose. And sure, the other team may have consisted of two grandpas and an eleven year old, but they also had my martial artist sister-in-law! Four against three and we couldn't be stopped! Please note I said I was an excellent winner, not gracious.

Anyway, I'm sore two days later. I'm scheduled to have a makeover tomorrow with a cousin currently at the half-way mark of her cosmetology schooling. I keep telling myself it's just hair. Plus, she always looks pretty and has really great hair so I don't think she could make me look awful. I doubt I share pictures because I'm not really in the wanting-to-be-photographed frame of mind. However, I have no doubt I will boast of her abilities and send you all her way for any hair and beauty needs!

I've rambled long enough. I have lots to share but for now I'll end with a boy and his mustached monkey.

BP06 E

Have a good weekend!

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