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June 13, 2011

these are the days

While cleaning out Avery's closet on Sunday afternoon we came across a few tutus and she wanted one on. STAT. She played and danced and just looked adorable in general. Her room, well let's just say her closet is clean!


Deran and I are really enjoying this stage. Avery is still our baby, but she's also a little person who can interact! And has an opinion! And is so very loved. After dinner with my parents one evening we sat around talking in the living room while Avery ran around and kept us entertained. We talked TV shows, world news, and everything in between. As I watched Avery, I made some comment about missing this age when she's grown up and my dad said that he really enjoyed my childhood but that the present is just as nice, maybe even better. Being able to sit around and talk as adults, and of course having grandkids, is quite nice according to my dad. I know I'll love a grown up Avery just as much, but my heart is in the here and now and I can't help but think these are the most perfect of days. Life is so good, enjoy this marvelous Monday!

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