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June 14, 2011

little town, lots of fun

ZK05 E

On Saturday morning I met up with a very cute brother and sister duo. They may be too old to like being called cute, but they are! I was in town for a family reunion, staying with my Aunt Wanda. These two happen to be very close to my Aunt Wanda so it was only natural that we should finally meet!

ZK07 E

It was really hot outside, even at 10:00 in the morning. Z & K were so good and barely complained. I loved his tough guy pose, K is a funny kid!

ZK06 E

I'd say these two were pretty great at being silly.

ZK01 E

ZK03 E

But they were pretty great at being serious too.

ZK02 E

ZK04 E

I had so much fun getting to meet everyone, and little Bella too! Thanks for joining me on a hot Saturday morning, next time maybe Aunt Wanda can join in the fun. :)

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