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May 18, 2011

links would be nice

So I realized late yesterday that even though I blogged, I left out links to a few things I mentioned which could've been confusing for a reader. Things tend to get left out when an entry is made over a period of time throughout the day rather than during one sitting. And sometimes I leave things out, you know, just because. I decided to list the links today along with a few others just for fun!

1) Avery loves this song.
2) I bought this activity book. But purchase yours from Sam's Club because it's $4 cheaper!
3) I really like Sugarland.
4) I've been eating lots of these this week. YUM!
5) I think this guy is so cool. He just is. The end.


  1. I was expecting the "this guy" link to go to my page...


  2. Oh Husband, I think you're cool too! Kind of.


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