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May 27, 2011

five on friday, the last week of may edition

I have lots to share from another beautiful engagement session, some fun crafty news, and even a kid-friendly tutorial! But it's Friday and time is short so I say we start the week off right on Monday with all the fun stuff and let's just end this week with some Friday randomness! Awesome!

1) Avery was pretending to give Grover a bath in her play sink and she started stirring him around with a wooden spoon. Then she got out the wooden ketchup bottle and said she was putting "betbup" (ketchup) on him. Very cute but it left me wondering what exactly she's thinking when I give her a bath at night. I promise no condiments or kitchen utensils have ever been involved.

2) I've been busy photographing couples this week which has been such a blast! But it's been a while since I've shot a newborn and I'm getting really excited about the arrival of a sweet girl in just a few weeks!

3) On a more somber note, Avery's pet goldfish died today. He didn't actually have a name yet, we just got him Wednesday. Though we're fans of Elmo & Dorothy, I think we'll get a Beta next. They seem to be a hardier fish.

4) I've long had this site bookmarked, but boy do I ever really need to be using these recipes now!

5) We will be off to the library at some point today. I found a book that I thought was returned in April, so fines must be paid.

Happy Friday everyone! Enjoy the long weekend but please don't forget why you're off on Monday. I'm so thankful for our soldiers, past and present!!

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