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May 31, 2011

an evening in the country

LT03 E

Last Thursday I met up with a lovely couple for an engagement session. The bride-to-be has two amazing uncles that were kind enough to let us use property and a very cool vintage car! Their wedding isn't until December, but in talking with the bride over the last couple of months, we both agreed that a May session would keep us out of the summer heat and they'd have photos in plenty of time to send save-the-dates. It was over 90 degrees when I pulled up at the barn last week so I can't imagine if we'd waited until June or July!

LT05 E

Despite the heat, it was a glorious May day. After several cloudy days, the sun was out full-force and it was lovely.

LT02 E

LT01 E

I say it often because I have been so blessed to work with really great people, but this couple was so amazing! So fun to watch together and so obviously in love. They smile and laugh a lot with one another...and maybe sometimes at one another, which is important too. :)

LT07 E

LT08 E

Loved her boots!

LT06 E

And in an effort to garner some real belly laughs, I included some physical comedy to my regular bad joke schtick. At one point in during the session after setting up a shot, I turned and walked face-first into a clothesline. And okay, maybe it wasn't intentional, but it was hilarious. T, the groom, saw it happen and honestly tried to be a gentleman and stifle the first laugh and ask if I was okay. Then L looked up from arranging her outfit and said, "Oh my God, did she just get clotheslined?" And just thinking about it all makes me laugh out loud all over again. I'd like to say I learned my lesson but not five minutes later I almost made the same mistake. This time I reared my head back into what could only be an attractive double (triple?) chinned funky face to avoid being clotheslined once again. Good times that session, good times.

LT09 E

I'm so thankful for clients like them, they're so sweet!

LT04 E

Congrats again L & T, I can't wait for the wedding in December. Surely we'll avoid the 90 degree temps, but in Texas you never know! I'll have more family photos to share of this couple later this week!

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