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March 10, 2011


So I was all set to blog a newborn session today, but in the midst of putting things away, my helpful assistant was too cute to ignore. I grabbed an available camera and took a picture before she rolled away. Man oh man do I love that girl!

We stayed the night at my parents' house earlier this week and the bedroom was really dark when I put her to bed, I could make out shapes but that's about it. Avery got on her knees, grabbed my face and gave me the sweetest hug. It was just one of those moments I felt so full of love for her, my heart almost couldn't handle it.

So tomorrow I'll share pictures of another adorable baby (and believe me, she'll make you say "Awwwww!") but today I have to share one of mine.


1 comment:

  1. Yea! Newborns are always adorable, but I need my Avery fix every day! So, just sneak one in with the newborns for me:)


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