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March 12, 2011

i lied

First thing Monday morning an adorable newborn baby girl will be all over this blog! Really! But today I have a couple more of my Avery Kate.

I had a session this morning at a park we've never been to and was somehow lucky enough to convince Deran and Avery to tag along so we could enjoy some time together after I finished. Avery didn't so much appreciate being woken up at 7:30 but once there she had fun. When I met back up with them, Avery was in her stroller. I told D to get her out and let her walk around! He said he did get her out but Avery kept trying to get back in the stroller and told him to "Moose!" once she was settled in. How sad we'll be when she says moVe! Seriously though, I don't blame her. Sometimes it would be nice to be pushed around.

I tried to get her to sit along the promenade so I could get a few pictures but of course that didn't even last long enough for me to settle in across from her.


Ah well, we live in the moment. And honestly, the candids are always my favorite.


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