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March 2, 2011

he's only supposed to be four

L07 E

It's such a small world, or maybe it's just my part of Texas, but it seems I can't go anywhere without seeing someone I know or have run into in the past. On Saturday I met up with a senior and his mom and when I introduced myself his mom said, "I know who you are!" and I knew her too. I went to school with L's oldest brother and I'm pretty sure the last time I saw him he was like three or four. He's 18. He signed his own photo release. Totally felt each one of my 29 years in those moments of recognition!!

 L08 E

Not that I find it hard to chat with strangers, but there's always something so easy about going through a session with someone I know. Don't get me wrong, L was a serious guy and I'm glad his mom came along to bring out some of those smiles! But it was so nice catching up and finding out what they have going on.

L09 E

I really do love spending time with seniors. Life is about to change and it's such a nice place, to be 18 and have the world in front of you to do what you want. Good luck L, I have no doubt you'll go on to great things!

L06 E

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