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March 1, 2011


Amidst all the sickness, Avery and I have managed to still have fun. We've colored a lot, gone through many stickers, painted, puzzled, read books - really we've done everything we normally do but in a much more subdued manner.

We did lots of crafts the week of Valentine's that involved hearts or "dots" as Avery calls them. One day while we were playing she found one of the cards we'd made and started pulling off the stickers. I'm not sure why, but when she pulls off a sticker she always tries to put it on a nose first. And that's why there's not a picture of me. I had a heart on my nose. And it's also kind of hard to hold my camera out far enough to get in a shot.


Anyway, no one escaped the hearts. Even Oscar and Harper had to wear a little love.


My silly sweet girl. The heart eventually fell off and she stuck it back on the right side. It was literally hanging from a single hair and almost in her eyes, and yet she played like that for several more minutes. Yesterday we both wore Easter egg stickers on our nose. She's so funny!


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