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February 17, 2011

a pictureless week

Late last Thursday night I started running fever and Avery followed on Saturday. Thankfully the fever only lasted a few days but unfortunately I've been hit with a second round of stuffy nose and congestion. Boo! Avery has moved on to an ear infection so if we can ever actually get the antibiotics in her mouth, she should start to feel better. All of the sick talk to say that I haven't taken my camera out once this week. There have been several great moments to document so a list is in order!

1. Avery tried to ride a regular sized My Little Pony like she does her big rocking horse. Totally hilarious because you couldn't even see the pony and she kept saying, "Neigh! Neigh!"
2. Avery tried to ride Oscar like she rides her big rocking horse. Also totally hilarious but I'm not sure Oscar's back appreciates the added weight.
3. I put her puppy dog hat on when we left to run errands so her ears would be covered and she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. So I backed up and stood in front of the mirror and she laughed and laughed at herself with that dog hat on. Totally cute!
4. Her sense of humor is really developing. I was asking her to point out certain animals in a book and she would point at the wrong one and say, "Noooooooo," then look up and smile before pointing to the right one. She's been doing the same thing with placing blocks on colored paper. Like she's tricking me or something. Silly girl!
5. Avery threw up in Deran's belly button. That one isn't something that really needs to be documented as it's happened before, it's just really really gross. She was sitting on his lap and managed to get rid of eeeeevvvverrrything she had to eat during the day. And that's what happens when we try to give her medicine. It all comes up!
6. She now correctly identifies green, yellow, purple, pink, blue, black, orange, red, and brown. She and Deran were going over the colors of various bath toys the other night and he said I should get her started on letters. And I agree, but she's just not that interested right now. The color activities are things she's interested in, letters not so much. If anybody has suggestions for introducing letters to capture a toddler's interest, feel free to email me!
7. Avery has started repeating almost everything. I will miss her baby voice and the way she pronounces words now. It will be strange to actually hear her say "monkey" instead of "mutmuh" or "Oscar" instead of "dada." I love listening to her repeat words because it's so cute to hear what she thinks sounds like what we're saying. This week she added doctor, gross, messy, hearts, and she changed the way she says move from "moo" to "moose." I really think she just likes saying the s.
8. We've been a crafty duo this week, whipping up some valentines, coloring, painting, and gluing.

See, some of those things couldn't really be photographed anyway! I'm hoping we both feel better soon! I've got a couple of days to rest up for a session this weekend. And I do have a picture of a heart to share.

Deran was taking care of things outside and noticed this old wasp nest. Is it called a nest?! Anyway, it looked like a heart to me so of course I grabbed my camera!


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