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January 19, 2011

a taste of technology

I have many apps on my phone that were purchased or downloaded with Avery in mind. This is one of the first toddler apps we bought. Its icon is a red apple and Avery always wants to play the "bapple" when we're in the car or out and about. She's gotten really good at swiping her finger across the screen to change cards. She's so good that sometimes she doesn't let the lady finish stating what the object is before she's on to the next one! She slows down for animals because she likes to hear the accompanying animal sound.

Cut to Monday when we were playing and I got out the shapes & colors flashcards. She was climbing on one of her chairs and turned around to watch as I started naming shapes & colors. She took her tiny index finger and started swiping the cards for me to move to the next one. She's so funny!

Technology's obviously changed a lot over the last 29 years of my life, I wonder how different it will be for Avery. Like, will she be telling her grandkids about those crazy things called books?! Made out of paper! I actually like using Deran's Kindle, but sometimes I need to feel the book in my hands - to turn the page instead of touching a button. I love technology, I really do, but I also love getting away from it. And I know I'm all blogging so it seems a little hypocritical, but oh well! :)

This picture has nothing to do with my silly girl and her flashcards, it's just cute. She was in the middle of hiding. She's big on hiding things now and then holds up her hands like, "Where did it go?" and then I call for the lost object and ask where it is and two seconds later she pulls it from its hiding spot. Last night it was her fork under her plate. This morning it was a book under the rug. And sometimes, it's just Avery behind her hands.



  1. Thanks! I think each day she's a little more adorable than the day before. :)


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