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January 20, 2011


Yesterday was my 400th post. That's kind of a lot. It's not 1000, but still, 400. FOUR HUNDRED. That's about how much I'm going to weigh if I continue to consume sloppy joes by the twos. That's right, I ate TWO.

It's kind of sad to say that Manwich is my weakness. Some people may cave for chocolate, cakes, cookies, or chips even! But no, not me. I see a can of sodium-laden flavored tomato sauce and I'm all over it. Well, after it's been mixed into a pound of ground beef.


I used to not even like sloppy joes. I had a bad taste experience in elementary school, plus I really don't like the way small bits of packaged onion and vegetables look in sauces. But on a shopping trip last month Deran suggested Manwich and I was all, "Sure, why not. Seems like a quick meal." Since then I've bought four more cans. And then I gained 82 pounds. The end.

The can says it has seven servings but I think we've only had leftovers once. It's just crazy because if we were eating hamburgers I would never go back for seconds...or thirds...but Manwich?! It's just incredibly tasty. I just like vegetables and there's a full serving!

Of course Avery doesn't really eat it. No surprise there, she's still a light eater. While I put away groceries and set out the ingredients for dinner Avery had a snack of banana, mini blueberry muffin (that she helped make on Tuesday!), kiwi, and mini marshmallows. I think she drank her water. The food was all smashed into her shirt and the tray. What she didn't feed to the pugs anyway. It's kind of hard to eat with a pacifier in your mouth. Yeah, she's been glued to pacifiers the last two days. She's never really taken one, but she saw one with the bottles on the counter (no longer used either) and she had to have it. One of them is actually a teether and she's cutting a few teeth so whatevs, I let her have it. I'm pretty sure it'll be a short phase. And as I've said before, her "peassssse" is really hard to resist.



  1. Oooooohh, I love Manwich too. I don't even eat it on a bun...I scoop it up with Frito scoops! Talk about uber-fattening.

  2. Manwich and fritos sounds delish, we may have to try it! Like I need more excuses to eat the whole pan!! :)


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