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December 12, 2010

the ones i didn't use


I finally got around to ordering our Christmas cards. And unlike our Valentine's cards that just got mailed out after Thanksgiving, these will be sent out by Thursday! I had a pretty specific idea of what photos I wanted to try and get of Avery and the wording I wanted to use. When I told Deran what images were in my head he said I was cute. Not in a sweet way, but more like, "Awww you're so special!" kinda way.


There were a few tears along the way, but I'm pretty darn happy with how they turned out! However, since all three of my blog readers are on my Christmas mailing list, I'm going to wait to share them here until after they've been sent out...hopefully before December 25th!


  1. I can't wait for my card. Please mail it today because I know I must be the most faithful of your three blog readers:)

  2. When I posted the last comment and had to type in the special code, it was "pantiest". I'm still laughing and picturing little ruffled panties. What a hoot!

  3. Your faithfulness shall be rewarded, I'm mailing them today! I had to wait for them to arrive. :)


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