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December 15, 2010

it's the eve

Tomorrow I turn 29. TWENTY-NINE! I know it doesn't exactly qualify me for any discounts, but 29 just really sounds old to me. I've never had a problem with birthdays or getting older, and really I still don't. It's just that 24 sounds young to me now and that makes me a little sad.

Today Avery & I met up with a couple of cousins at the zoo. One more trip and that membership will have paid for itself! It was more crowded than our super awesome outing last week, but still a perfect day and fun for Avery and that's all that really matters. We saw a few exhibits we hadn't seen before and spent more time with the goats. We enjoyed a picnic lunch, during which we got up close and personal with some pigeons. Birds are gross. Kind of pretty, but just so so gross.


Avery was a little territorial with the goats. She was brushing one and another mom and toddler Avery's size walked up. The mom was trying to get her daughter (who was scared!) to pet the goat and Avery started shaking her finger telling the little girl no-no. In general Avery's a polite girl. I mean, she always says thank you when she takes something away from you. But we're still working on sharing.

She couldn't hang and fell asleep before we saw the reptiles. Probably best since she wasn't a fan on our first trip. And now for a fun elephant fact. I happened to notice today that an elephant's teats are located between the front two legs...kind of like a human. Really I don't think it's a fun fact so much as it's just interesting...or weird. I'd never given elephant teats a thought until I noticed them today and then I thought it was really strange. I guess I just thought an elephant's anatomy was like a cow or something. Last week I learned key differences between the California sea lion and a seal, this week it was elephant anatomy. And now I sound crazy.

Sooooo 29! Tomorrow! No plans, D says we can do whatever I want. I'm thinking of a few minutes of uninterrupted reading, or sleeping until 8:00, or something wild like that. I do have a couple of things I'm thinking of to get the year started off the right way, but nothing involving elephant teats.

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