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November 14, 2010

mmmm, bacteria!

Day Fourteen: I'm thankful for the five-second rule.

Even if it's not true. I was all set to go with another post tonight but as I sat down at my computer I dropped a tasty bit of bread and watched it roll twice on my way to pick it up. Harper may have even gotten a lick in. I grabbed it, looked at it, then took a bite. And that sounds so gross! It made me think of earlier in the day when I dropped a bite of blueberry muffin on the kitchen floor (apparently I'm incredibly food clumsy today!) and Avery, always a step behind me, picked it up and put it in her mouth. I couldn't help but cringe as she grinned up at me with a bit of muffin sticking out. Not that she finished eating it, that would be silly!

In general, we don't eat off the floor. But I really wanted that bread tonight and so I thought, what's a couple of seconds? Hopefully not a case of ecoli.

And still no picture taking this week. But wait! I do have never-before-seen photos to unveil tonight! Avery & I were playing in her room earlier today and she got the box of hair bows out of a drawer. She actually wanted me to put them all in her hair, very funny. So I asked Deran to grab a camera quick and of course he did not so the hilariousness was lost. He doesn't do fast. But then! Then she let me do it again and ran into the kitchen where Deran was able to take a picture with his camera. When I was going through the card tonight I found so many others that made me smile.

Just being cute, sitting in her baby bouncer.

Getting eaten by a goat on our recent trip to the zoo.

What Avery does with the empty water bottles she can find and reach.

Gettin' all up in Oscar's space.

And all the bows! I've since done the dishes so that's a little neater. Just a little though. And she's wearing Christmas the afternoon.

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  1. I vote for pinning all the bows onto a cute cap for her to wear at Christmas while we're playing in the snow. She's going to have your creative streak!


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