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November 24, 2010

melmo's world

Day Twenty-Four: I'm thankful for Sesame Street.

I remember watching with my sister as little girls and now I'm enjoying it with Avery. It's basically the one show we watch regularly Monday through Friday. I think it's a good program that actually captures Avery's attention (for the most part, she is one after all!) and of course I love the educational aspect of The Street. Oh yes I did. There are certainly segments and characters I could do without, but overall I really like the show and I think the Sesame Workshop is pretty awesome in general.

Avery's taken a particular liking to Elmo. I've never been much on characters - clothing, bedding, etc. BUT, I'm embracing the love of Elmo. Not that we've gone crazy by any means, but I've picked up a couple of activity books, some flashcards, a figurine here and there. It's's just that when she sees him and says, "Melmo!" it's really hard not to give in. Melmo. So dadgum CUTE!!!

I downloaded a few new apps on my phone for Avery recently and tonight we had a little fun with this one. And it was free!


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