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November 7, 2010

i'm stuck on her


Day Seven: I'm thankful for stickers and the entertainment they provide.

I have a drawer full of stickers that I've been collecting for a few years. Scrapbook stickers, alphabet stickers, animals, monsters - you name it, I've probably got some stickers for it! I always pick up different things with various projects in mind and then they may end up in a drawer for long periods of time. However, now that Avery is getting a little older we go through a lot of stickers. I try to stick with a theme, just going along with whatever we're reading or things we're trying to learn and we'll make different pictures, etc. But sometimes I just pull a pack out that I think she'll like and let her do whatever.

So one day last week I grabbed a package of dog stickers because Avery LOVES dogs. She stuck them all pretty much on one area of her leg and then she got up to check them out. She's so cute!


She crosses her feet all the time, and has since she was a little baby. It's so cute to see her sitting in her highchair or on the floor doing whatever...with her feet crossed.


And because she's so cute when she's doing the happy baby face, you have to know what a sad baby looks like:


Yeah, a sad baby looks dadgum ADORABLE!! There's a fake cry that sometimes accompanies the sad baby face and it's cute. It's tough to spend a day with Avery without telling her how completely adorable/cute/smart/beautiful/funny she is every few minutes. I'm so glad she's mine.

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