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November 5, 2010

a good supply

Day Five: I'm thankful that I'm able to breastfeed my

Information overshare? Perhaps, but I'm not a closeted nursing mother so I think it's okay. :) I realize not every woman wants to or can nurse her baby, but I'm so thankful that I have. For the first six months that's all Avery had and she grew into a very healthy baby and she's continued growing ever since.

This is an old picture, just before her six month birthday. She's changed so much since then, and yet some things remain the same.


She didn't latch on the entire three-day hospital stay and I worried it wouldn't happen. I firmly believe that breastmilk is best so I really wanted it to work! But then we came home and she latched on right away and we've had a happy nursing relationship ever since. Well, until she started getting teeth. And that first ear infection. And a bout of mastitis. And growth spurts.

But through it all, we're still going strong and that makes me really happy because she's happy.

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